The Ultimate Man Cave Workshop Shed

Last Updated: February 12, 2024

In the past we wrote about a customer who turned her shed into a she shed. Now it’s time to highlight the male version of a she shed – the Man Cave Shed.

What is a Man Cave Shed?

A man cave shed is a portable building that is setup for a man to get away from other people or things and enjoy his hobbies, watch a football game, relax, etc…Outside of being a masculine space, there’s really no specific thing that makes a man cave a man cave, since the ultimate man cave is setup to cater to the hobbies and preferences of the individual. Many man cave sheds feature both relaxing spaces with couches or chairs and work/hobby spaces.

A Man Cave Shed Customer Story

In this customer story, we’re featuring one of our customers that did a masterful job at setting up his own man cave shed to be both a work space and a relaxing space.

Our customers, Ted and Debbie, moved from California to Northwest Arkansas in 2019 after retiring from their careers in education in California. They purchased a beautiful piece of property in an HOA and settled in. It wasn’t long before they started hunting around for a large shed that Ted could use as a workshop for his tools and a hobby/tinkering space for his woodworking hobby.

They told us that they had heard good things about Crestwood Storage Sheds and so they checked out our website and started watching our inventory to see if a building would pop up that they were interested in. After awhile they contacted us and started talking with Micah about what they were looking for. We had just the thing they needed!

It just so happened that a rent-to-own customer had recently defaulted on their large high barn wood shed with a porch and so it was repossessed and was sitting on our lot waiting for a customer that would be willing to buy it in it’s used condition.

This was just the kind of shed they were looking for.

The repossessed 14×36 wood shed was still in a good condition and the former owners had briefly started some customization work on the interior by laying a small section of tile on the floor and creating a burned stain look on other parts of the floor and some of the loft beams. We delivered the shed to Ted and Debbie’s property and then Ted started working his magic on the building.

Note the burned stain look on the loft beam
Interior with burned-stained floor

A retired teacher and football coach, Ted has always had a hobby of woodworking, making cute wood Christmas decorations for their own home, birdhouses for family and friends, and other creative projects. It didn’t take him long at all to put those creative juices to work in setting up his own woodworking space and man cave shed.

Since they lived in an HOA, they were required to paint the sheds exterior to match the community guidelines, so that was the first matter of business. After that, they got to work on the interior, finishing off the tile job on the entryway floor and the burned stain look on the rest of the floor. Ted put in insulation on the sidewalls and finished them off with wall panels.

Their son wired the shed with electricity, and they put in some vent fans to help pull air through plus installed a window unit AC/Heater for temperature control.

Ted built workbenches and cabinets for workspaces and tool storage and setup the corner beside the entryway as a lounge area with a couch that can also lay down for a bed.

Obviously a master of organization, he added shelves and other tool organization systems along the workbenches. When we visited to get some pictures, we were quite impressed with how orderly his shed was (might have to take some tips from him for our own shop 😳😂).

We also were quite impressed with his decor. A die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan, Ted has decked his shed out with all things Viking-ish, including a purple trim job around the inside of the shed. He even installed a TV on the entryway loft so he can watch games while he’s tinkering around in the shed. After all, it wouldn’t be a man cave shed if it didn’t have a TV for watching games, would it?

Since getting the shed, Ted has put it to good use. Debbie proudly took us to their back patio and showed us some of the unique woodworking projects that he’s completed in the shed: a very creative air hose hanger, a storage cabinet in the form of a vintage gas pump, and a beautiful wooden case/cabinet for their insulated drink cooler.

Outside of the hobby and workshop space, the man cave shed has also come in handy for other uses. Recently when family visited, they used the futon couch for a bed and hosted people in the shed. It’s amazing what all you can do in a shed space.

We asked Debbie what she has to say about their experience with working with Micah here at Crestwood Storage Sheds:

“What’s not to say. He’s honest and reliable. When he says he’s going to do something, he does it. We had to change some things around with the shed after purchasing it and he has been so good about coming out and making sure things have been taken care of right away. The service is amazing and the shed is built with very good workmanship.”

Apparently they were as impressed as she says they were. After purchasing this shed they also had us build a small mini barn shed to use for lawnmower and backyard storage.

We’re definitely impressed with what they’ve done also with their man cave shed. We love customers like Ted and Debbie who take what we build and make us look really good with their customizations. We’re definitely proud to claim this man cave shed as being built by us.

If you are in need of a man cave shed or just a basic wood or metal shed for backyard storage, we would love to talk. Who knows, your shed might be our next featured customer story.

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