10×12 Sheds

10×12 Sheds: One of the Most Popular and Versatile Shed Sizes

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Square Footage
120 sq. feet

Starting Cost
please note prices can be higher depending on style and features chosen. This is the standard starting cost for our most affordable shed style in this size.

Best  Uses for 10×12 Sheds

The 10×12 Shed Size is ideal for backyard storage and a variety of other uses. This size is large enough to be able to store lawn equipment, tools, and works well for adding shelves to store household goods or valuables on. You can use a 10×12 shed as garden shed, storage shed, workshop, hobby shed, home office, and more.

Why the 10×12 Shed Is So Popular

The 10×12 shed size is popular both because it is large enough to provide a decent amount of extra space but also small enough to be affordable and practical in most backyards. 120 square feet provides you enough space to store common lawn and garden items, including a lawnmower, garden tiller, bicycles, etc… This is also a large enough shed to turn it into a workshop or to finish out the interior for something like a home office or a hobby shed. Here is a diagram showing what all you could easily fit in a backyard 10×12 garden shed.

10x12 shed layout

How Much Does a 10×12 Shed Cost?

A quality, wood-framed 10×12 shed can cost anywhere from $3500 – $4500 for a standard shed package. Most local shed companies will give you the ability to custom order your own 10×12 shed with your add-ons and upgrades also. If you start adding extra windows, doors, workbenches, ramps, etc..to your custom shed the cost will obviously increase. It’s always a good idea to do price and quality comparisons with different companies to ensure you are getting the best price for a quality shed that will last you many years.

What Are Quality Features of a 10×12 Shed

When you are shopping for your shed, here are some of the quality features we recommend you look for.

  • Type of framing material – We recommend sheds with a wood frame using quality 2×4 or 2×6 lumber.
  • Stud spacing – Generally wood sheds should have a 16″ stud spacing. Metal-siding can have up to 24″spacing.
  • Quality metal or shingle roof
  • Doors that latch and seal well with sturdy hinges
  • Metal kickplates on the door openings
  • Quality and durable flooring

10×12 Shed Photo Gallery

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