A Not So Mini Overview of Mini Barns

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Last Updated: July 12, 2024

Are you tired of having to live with loads of unnecessary junk sitting in your house but can’t afford to buy a large, expensive storage shed? Or are you fed up with boxes of Christmas decor in your garage that gets in the way of parking your car there at night? If so, you may find that a mini barn is what you need to provide an affordable, efficient storage building that maximizes space and minimizes cost.

What is a Mini Barn?

To briefly summarize, there are two main types of storage sheds: the wood shed and the metal shed. Generally, mini barns fall under the category of a wood shed. True to their name, mini barns are smaller in size than other shed types and are created as an economical and cost-efficient shed to be used by the average American. Typically rectangular in shape, the mini barn uses a simple, yet classic barn-style design. Interestingly enough, the sidewalls of a mini barn are usually constructed around four feet high with the roof extending past the wall and creating a small overhang. At the front of the shed, there is often a double door that nearly touches the edges of the roof. Basically, a mini barn is a popular choice for simple storage solutions due to its low cost and economical storage ability.

How Is the Mini Barn Different From Other Sheds?

First of all, as the name implies, mini barns are smaller than most other shed styles.  When compared to other popular styles of sheds, like a classic Dutch Barn or a quaint Quaker style, these sheds really are miniature. This can be a blessing and a curse depending on what you want your shed to function as. For example, the mini barn is not extremely versatile; it does not work well for custom usages like a backyard office shed, a rec room, or a relaxing sunroom. Its primary value is in the storage department. So, the other side of the coin is this: if storage is really the only reason you want a shed, the mini barn is elite in its field. With a unique roof design, it maximizes its storage space while keeping its dimensions to an extreme minimum. Consequently, the mini barn can be placed in nearly any imaginable place on your property and still hold relatively large amounts of storage.

A second key difference that sets the mini barn apart from most other storage buildings is the unique design of its roof, which is commonly called the Gambrel roof. As opposed to the regular triangular-shaped roof, the Gambrel roof has a double slope, which allows for a considerable amount of extra space. Additionally, the Gambrel roof is an older roof type that was used by Americans in the past. If you’re a nostalgic person this type of shed is a great way to add a little parcel of colonial America in your backyard. In our modern, busy society, it is appealing for many to have asymbol of the simplistic lifestyle of early American farmers in their backyard. Perhaps this one of the reasons why mini barns are such a popular shed type. On another note, the Gambrel roof gives the mini barn a little bit of a different look than the more standard a-frame roof. In short the Gambrel roof gives the mini barn a more historic look than other shed styles and caters to nostalgia of days long gone.

Another interesting difference between the mini barn and other storage sheds is the particularly low overhang of the mini barn’s roof. As I mentioned earlier, the side walls of a mini barn typically only come to four feet, and then the roof stretches down and beyond the sidewalls, creating a small overhang. Because of these low sidewalls and low overhang, side windows and side doors are not practical for a mini barn.

Is the Mini Barn the Right Shed for You?

If you’re looking for a shed that doesn’t break your budget, then the mini barn is the right shed for you. For instance, if your garage is filled with extra firecrackers from the Fourth of July or stuffed Santa Clauses from Christmas of last year, the mini barn could store all these extra things and give your car the space it needs to enjoy the protection of your garage overnight. Or if you want to store lawn equipment, like the weed eater, lawn mower, or hedge trimmers, in a safe and secure place, then the mini barn might be the best shed for you. Another useful way to use a mini barn is to create your own personal workshop shed. With your tools organized and stored right there in the mini barn along with your workbench, you could create your own small construction site right there in your shed.

On the other hand, using a mini barn as an outdoor dining area would probably not be very practical. It’s definitely not the best candidate for a backyard office shed, or hobby studio. If these are what you need, you’re better off with a larger dutch barn shed or an a-frame shed. And, if you need a place to park your car at night, our prefab garages would be a much better fit. Also, a mini barn wouldn’t be the best shed to buy if you’re looking for a place to create a guest room or host a party with friends.

To Wrap It Up…

In summary, if you’re looking for a smaller, more rustic shed, the mini barn is definitely the best option for you. By cutting the cost of a storage building to a minimum and utilizing its space resourcefully, many people have chosen the mini barn as their choice for solving their storage problems. Will it be yours?

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