5 Great Uses for Pool Sheds

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Last Updated: February 12, 2024

When you think of a pool shed, what comes to mind? Storage space? Lounge Space? Simple? Luxury? Out of my budget range? 😀

Well all of these are actual possibilities.

In this blog post we want to highlight 5 possibilities for ways you can use a pool shed? If you own a pool, we’ll betcha that you’ll be able to connect with at least one of these. Get ready to dream.

What Is a Pool Shed?

Well, quite simply a pool shed is a shed by a pool. But, it’s not quite that simple! Pool sheds are generally sheds placed near a pool with a pool-themed purpose in mind. This purpose can be to store pool equipment and play items, provide changing spaces, or to create a nice place to relax and hangout with friends after a swim. A lot of pool sheds function as a combination of these.

Now, let’s look at some of these common ways that people are using pool sheds.

Pool Sheds for Storage Spaces

Swimming pools often require a lot of extra paraphernalia.

There’s the pool cleaning and maintenance stuff…

Pool Maintenance Kit from Home Depot

There’s floats, pool toys, balls…

Pool toys from Amazon

And there’s the pool-side lounge chairs and barbecue grill

Chairs and Grill from Costco

Yeah, the picture is pretty clear: pools can come with a lot of other items to take care of. A pool shed can provide the catch-all space you need to store a bunch of these pool-ish items and keep them protected from the weather, the pets, and the unwelcome passerby. 😉

Many people find the pool shed a great place for seasonal storage also. So, when you don’t need the pool cover in the summer, into the shed it goes. When you don’t need the grill in the winter…

Well, you get the point.

Pool Sheds for Changing Rooms

We’re assuming you don’t enjoy the thought of a bunch of wet kids coming tromping through your house to use the bathroom or change out of their trunks when you have an afternoon swimming party.

Fixing up a shed as a nice changing room(s) can be a great solution for this. You can go as simple as cheap as you like (bare shed with rods and curtains) or as fancy as you like (fully finished out with plumbing, interior walls, etc…). Either way, this puts the changing space right beside the pool and makes it less of a bother for you when friends come over to swim and less awkward for them if they don’t need to go into your house to change.

Sounds like a win-win situation.

Pool Sheds for the “Kid’s” Snack Hut

We all know that swimming often makes people hungry and thirsty. A pool shed can be a great way to setup a snack shack with a stockpile of snacks and drinks. Again, this helps keep the kids in their wet trunks out of the house and will help you earn brownie points with the kids. And you gotta admit it, the adults will benefit just as much as the kids from having a snack shack close by.

Here’s a youtube video where Sarah Richardson shows how they turned a shed into a pool house with a snack area in it. Take note, because their pool shed also incorporates the other two ideas we’ve already discussed for a pool shed (storage space and changing room).

Pool Shed Lounge and Party Bar

Everybody knows that a pool in the backyard is a perfect recipe for parties and great hangouts with friends. Well, with a pool shed and a bit of creativity you can take this to a whole new level. With some creativity you can create a dream space for relaxation, dining, and just chilling. Nothing is better at the end of a stressful workday, then to be able to invite some friends over for a poolside BBQ or a wing party.

Here’s a few photos of ways people have created a great party space with a pool shed.

Pool shed from beachybarns.com
Cabana pool shed from shedsunlimited.net
Interior of pool shed with bar from Heartland Sheds

Pool-Side Guest House

If you get a large enough shed, you may be able to make it a great pool-side guest house. The great thing about this idea is that it can be a charming space for overnight guests, but can still be used as a space for evening parties, a snack room, and a changing area.

A pool-side guest house will make your guests feel special and will make hosting overnight guests less stressful for you. Also, it gives you more room to host the extended family when they all want to come home for the holidays.

And, if you make the shed nice enough, you could even list it on Airbnb and get some return on your investment.

Best Sheds for Pool Sheds

Of course, the best shed style for a pool shed depends somewhat on how you’ll be using the shed. But here are a few styles that we think would work well for a shed.

If you don’t like any of our standard options. We can always discuss a custom-built style. All you have to do is find what you are looking for (Pinterest is always a great help in this) and bring us a photo so we can discuss the possibilities.

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